Why Zodiac Signs Work, yet Horoscopes Do Not.

Hello and welcome to my first blog article, in this I shall be covering my hypothesis as to why the zodiac signs; are more often true, and why horoscopes; as you may have guessed from the title, are not.

There is no strange magic of the stars, as you may have been told by unstable friends and family members which effect a persons personality traits, but rather it is the entire culture surrounding the zodiac signs in the first place. For example, when you are young it is pretty common for people to talk about your zodiac on your birthday; I am sure many of you have had those teachers, friends, or family members, whom have told you your zodiac when you were young, and you said something along the lines of: “Hey, this is pretty cool- my own little magical star sign.” and you read it, and took it to mind, or you said it was fake but the thought still lingered in your mind.

 Now, multiply this enough times, through friends, potential relationships, family, teachers, etc; and you probably slowly grew your own personality around your zodiac, similar to having a preset default personality.  Now this may not effect everyone to the same degree, but more or less I believe that this may have happened to most people who have come into contact with zodiacs through their young life, as while you are still in the developmental years you are very susceptible to outside information; the same can be seen with religion, and other cultural phenomena.  I am a Virgo, and have many Virgo traits; and I have been told about Virgos when I was young, and read about them; and I have gained a few good traits relating to the Virgo, as well as bad traits.   Zodiacs overall, probably do more good than bad, but as long as you have a realistic outlook on them; it is a completely natural and fun phenomenon to investigate.

I hope you enjoyed my short article, and leave with a more realistic outlook on the psychology behind the astrological signs, and a better understanding of self.